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Preserve Precious

A professional and reliable time-tested archival system that ensures the protection and safety of garments for generations.

A wedding gown is one of the most important articles of clothing your clients will ever purchase.

Provide a way to protect their treasured garments for years to come.

That's why we created Treasury Boxes

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Hanging garments over a long period of time will cause them to stretch, resulting in loss of shape.

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Unless properly protected, the micro scent from the oxidizing will attract moths and bugs

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Other boxes use processes that will off-gas and introduce impurities to the materials, damaging them over time.

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Prevent light damage, dust and  particles, such as smoke, from deteriorating the fabric.

What looks like a simple box first glance, 

is decades of garment-handling experience used to create the most sophisticated archival system on the market.

Key features ensure garments stay protected for years to come.

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Boxes are made from a ridged archival polymer, free of harmful acid, lignin, adhesives, chemicals and dyes.

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Includes external and internal muslin filtering layers to remove fine dust and particles.

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All pH neutural materials acid-free, unbuffered  tissue to absorb harmful impurities.

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Patented box design to allow for breathability in all environments. Can be opened at any time to check the garment. 

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White gloves to avoid oils and dirt form handling.

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The ability for custom personalization with embroidery.

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Three different sizes to accommodate any size garment

Treasury Boxes are
the perfect complimentary
addition to your store. 
Here's why

Dry Cleaners - Elevate Your Service

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Low risk, high-reward additional revenue stream with nominal investment.

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Elevate your reputation by offering not only your customers, but high-end wedding dress retail stores premium storage solutions.

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Create an elegant and impressive presentation for your customer’s garments.

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Add credibility to the quality and high standards you maintain in garment care.

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About the Developer

Mohamud Rahim has been a certified Master Dry Cleaner and a professional member of the Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute for over 30 years.


Mohamud is the cleaner of choice for Gucci, Hermès, Christian Dior, Burberry, Moncler, YSL, Salvatore Ferragamo, Fendi, Celine, Balenciaga and many other luxury retailers in Vancouver. 

He has repeatedly received Consumers' choice, Reader's choice, Talk of the town, Peoples' Choice and Best of the City awards. 

His exceptional reputation as an industry leader and an expert in cleaning and storing bridal gowns has garnered Mohamud multiple features on TV. 

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